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About us

DeServ International continues to build upon its 15 year heritage as a leading technology supplier for the marine and power generation industry. Having built a loyal customer base all over the world has helped DeServ establish itself as the first choice for diesel and gas engine spares and service.

DeServ International over years of good business relationship with the engine makers, promises to deliver reliable products for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke combustion enines entrusting the dependability of end-engine users around the globe who demand highest level of performance and service with low running operating costs.

DeServ Technologies, head quartered in Dubai, UAE, is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 certified global service provider of overhauling services on 2 stroke, 4 stroke medium and high speed engines and turbochargers. We offer overhauling services worldwide for all Marine, Oil Field & Power Plant engines of all make and models.

Our team comprises of highly experienced, well trained, skilled personnel with extensive knowledge of trouble shooting and servicing on diesel and heavy fuel oil engines.

With a wide range of operations in the Middle East and India, all our techs are available to travel to any part of the world, around the clock, throughout the year. All service personal have valid CDC which enables us to join most vessels at any port and sail as Riding Squad for voyage repairs.

With 2 service points, Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India (Catering to service needs of Indian Marine Industries) we offer overhauling services at a very competitive prices anywhere in the world.

All overhauling jobs carried out by Deserv Technologies is covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance which emphasizes more on our "Customer Satisfaction" driven approach which has guided us on our successful performance over the years in this continuously challenging market.

We credit our success to our experience, expertise, high quality of services and products provided to the client, in addition to the highest international standards of health and safety, quality & environmental protection followed on each and every job.

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Engine Bearings

DeServ International supports 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine’s bearings requirements by dealing with Europe’s manufactures who are leaders in manufacturing high-performance diesel and gas engine’s bearings used in Ships & Power plants. The bearings supplied by DeServ are made of materials like aluminium and copper based alloys with high durability which leads to the increase in engine’s performance by minimizing friction and higher pressures to protect engines from damages or breakdowns.

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Cylinder Heads &

Valve Stems:
DeServ lnternational's range of supply of valve stems covers almost all the engine models regardless of 2-stroke or 4-stroke. We believe quality of the components used in the engine plays a major role in increasing performance and extending time between overhauls. Since, the valve stems are used in the combustion area, which can lead to heavy corrosion, we recommend our clients to use Nimonic exhaust valves and also supply valve stems coated with thermal barrier coating to withstand corrosion in the combustion area.

Valve Seats:
DeServ International, supplies hardened face acidic-corrosion resistant seats of both cooled and un-cooled versions which are manufactured using innovative techniques to prevent coolant leak problems.

Valve Rotators:
DeServ International supplies valve rotators of Ball and Spring Rotation and also Turnomats manufactured by our Principal manufacturers in Europe which are precision crafted to exact tolerances using optimized designs and premium materials. Ball Spring Rotation valve rotator ensures that the temperature is equally distributed to the valve head to prevent localized stress and early wear of the valves. Turnomats are the most sophisticated & effective rotators which enhances the economic performance efficiency of the eng ines.

Apart from the above specified cylinder head spares, DeServ International supports in the supply of:

  • Valve Springs
  • Valve Guides
  • Collets
  • Cylinder head Gaskets and O-rings
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Fuel Injection Systems

DeServ International is a major stockiest and supplier for fuel injection components such as L’Orange, Bosch, Bryce and Woodward. The components supplied include pump elements, injectors, injector nozzles, delivery valves.

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Pistons & Piston Rings


DeServ International supplies Piston rings for slow, medium and high-speed engines which are innovatively designed and manufactured by our principal's from Europe with decades of experience in manufacturing. The piston rings manufactured by our principal's use only high grade materials such as lamellar graphite cast iron for heavy loads or nodular graphite cast iron material and are coated with Chromium Ceramic Coatings or metallic plasma spray coatings or ceramic coatings to create a fine film of oil between the liner and the piston rings in order to withstand wear & corrosion.

Piston Rings

Piston Rings can be used in four-stroke engines with bore diameters of up to 250 millimeters. Even today, the MAHLE product range meets maximum demands with respect to quality, precision and application diversity.

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Liners & Anti Polishing Rings

DeServ International closely works with manufactures with years of sound experience in the production of heavy duty liners for diesel and gas-engines for marine and power plants which are centrifugally cast using different grades of cast iron ranging from 150-500mm for various engine models. For optimum performance and abrasion resistance, liners supplied by DeServ are made of alloyed lamellar graphite cast iron.

Most cylinder liners are pre-honed however, treatments such as annealing, Chromium and nickel plating, roller burnishing can be arranged. Cylinder liners supplied by DeServ are approved by various classification bodies.

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DeServ International stocks a wide range of paper filters in accordance with the engine maker's specifications suitable for high and medium speed engines and can be supplied off the shelf .

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Turbochargers & Cartridges

Various turbochargers & Cartridges that we can supply spares include:

  • MAN
  • Napier
  • Mitsubishi
  • KBB
We can supply various spares such as casings, rotors, labyrinth rings, nozzle rings and bearings for the above said turbochargers.
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Air Compressors

DeServ International is a major stockiest and supplier for Air compressor parts such as Atlas Copco, Hatlapa, Ingersoll Rand, Sperre, J.P. Sauer & Sohn, NK and more.

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Purifiers & Separators

DeServ International is a leading provider of field inspection, overhauls and component repairs of all makes of oil separtors We provide domestic and international support to all major shipping, power plant and oil & gas industries. Our technical advisors and supervisors are highly skilled and trained with most up-to-date programs to track work progress.

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Coolers & Heat Exchangers

DeServ International is a major stockiest and supplier for Coolers and Heat exchangers such as GEA, Alpha level, Swep, Vestas, K-PHE and more.

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Engine Overhauls

Our engineering staff and skilled technicians are driven to respond quickly to all customer requirements both domestically and internationally in a professional manner with safety and quality as top priorities.

  • Overhaul of Cylinder heads
  • Inspection and overhaul of Pistons & Connecting rods
  • Remove & Refit & Honing/Deglazing of Liners
  • Inspection of Main and Thrust Bearings
  • Overhaul of Fuel pumps & Injectors
  • Inspection & renewal of Camshaft & Bush
  • Crankshaft Deflection Before and after
  • Overhaul & Cleaning of Charge Air & Lube oil coolers
  • Overhaul of attached LO & FW pumps
  • Engine Re-assembly/Load test
  • We specialize in renewal of Crankshaft & Entablature
  • We also offer line bore check, line boring and lazer alignment
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Turbocharger Overhauls

DeServ Technologies service team comprises of some of the most experienced turbocharger repair professionals in the industry. At our turbocharger service center, we can meet your entire turbocharger repair and refurbishment needs. We specialize in precision repair and refurbishment of complex components and assemblies associated with all critical rotating equipment.

Our services include:

  • Rotor balancing and re-blading
  • Thermal balancing
  • Replacement of partition wall sealing strips
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Reconditioning of Engine Parts

DeServ International proudly supports a wide variety of primary engines such as MAN, MITSUBISHI, MAK, DEUTZ, AKASAKA, CATERPILLAR, YANMAR, DAIHATSU, HANSHIN, WICHMAN, ROLLS ROYCE-BERGEN, DETROIT & NIIGATA

Aparts from our extensive stock of new parts, we also offer multi-component parts on an exchange basis, in accordance with our favorable exchange conditions.

Two-Stroke & Four-Stroke Engine Component Reconditioning Services

Our reconditioned engine components often exceed and outperform original manufacturer's standards.

Our expertise is guaranteed in a broad range of disciplines and materials, beginning with a detailed analysis that provides crucial information about how and why a component was damaged.

The operating life of a component is strongly affected by the operating conditions of the engine and its duty cycle. A detailed inspection prior to the reconditioning of engine components speaks volumes about the general health of an engine and provides early evidence of distress. Our specialized team focuses exclusively on engine components with expertise in reconditioning. Our Europe-based reconditioning unit has produced industry-leading advancements in welding techniques, featuring superior high-temperature corrosion performance that set the standard for marine component reconditioning.

Our offered European standard reconditioning process is a revolutionary development following years of careful research and development pertaining to the causes of component failure in Two-Stroke & Four-stroke engines.

Moreover, our principal's nickel-based solution prevents fractures of engine components, resulting in the prevention of thermal overload.

  • Reconditioning of main engine exhaust valve spindles & seats
  • Reconditioning of main engine piston crowns & cylinder heads
  • Reconditioning and crack repair for all types of turbochargers
  • Repair and reconditioning of electrical motors of all capacities

Parts on exchange

Apart from our extensive stock of new parts, we also offer multi-component parts on an exchange basis, in accordance with our favorable exchange conditions.

The multi-component parts in our exchange stock undergo a complete overhaul at an OEM workshop according to the engine manufacturer standards. Each part is completely dismantled and carefully inspected and replaced as per the required standards. We offer parts that are fully interchangeable with original parts. When the manufacturer introduces modifications, we supply parts accordingly.

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Workshop Facilities

  • Lathe machine
  • Radial drilling machines
  • Vertical liner honing machine
  • Valve seat machining/grinding machine
  • Valve angle grinding machine
  • Fuel Injector Testing & Calibration machine
  • Common Fuel Injection PP Calibration Machine
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic press
  • Test bed for separators
  • Turbocharger rebuilding and balancing equipment
  • NDT equipment
  • Overhead heavy lift crane

Afloat and workshop Services

  • Complete overhauling of Main engines and Generator engines
  • Cylinder head valve grinding
  • Cylinder head valve seat cutting/grinding honing of cylinder liners
  • Connecting rod reconditioning
  • All types of pumps, including ferrous and non-ferrous pump components (repair, design & manufacturing)
  • Crank shaft polishing and grinding
  • Installation of turbine rotor, labyrinth ring & turbine rotor blades
  • Crane boom removal/repair/re-installation
  • Supply & installation of zinc anode in-situ line boring

Contact us

P.O Box 123815, Warehouse No. 158, Workshop 4,
Dubai Maritime City (DMC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 441 6899 | Fax: 971 4 362 9805 | Email: